Connecting The World

 As the world becomes more and more mobile, we become more and more connected through work, travel and everyday life. Hello World Mobile creates technology solutions that enables the telecom industry to take the step into a new connected age.

One Single Identity

Hello World Mobile has built a unique scalable technology platform, capable of recognising a single local identity across different mobile networks with a seamless user experience – effectively creating one unified home network and a true roaming free experience.

Full Seamless Experience

Our routing platform and SIM technology integrates fully with current network setups and offers a seamless user experience when devices switch between different already existing local GSM networks. This applies for both traditional subscribers and M2M communication.


What can our technology do for you?


MNOs & Alliances

Our technology unlocks the potential from traveling subscribers, reduces costs, helps increase ARPU and enables unified network solutions.




As an MVNO you will now be able to reach completely new customer segments across new markets and offer your subscribers a roaming free subscription – all at a reduced cost.


Mobile End Users

We enable your local telecom provider to offer roaming free international subscriptions on your home number, with no installation on your end. It all happens backstage for your convenience.



For anything that moves or connects across borders, our technology is a catalyst for simpler solutions. Our unique platform enables single user identification across networks.


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